Ben Boyd is now 71 years old and still dancing. He has been hoop dancing since age 6. He is quite possibly one of the oldest hoop dancer in America. He is a GRANDPA OF HOOP DANCING. This video was taken when he was age 65, but still at age 71 doing the same dance at a faster speed. This probably because he performs nightly all winter for tours of his tour company, Alaska Northern Lights Tours in Fairbanks, Alaska.
This is his Native Hoop Dance performance at the annual Festival of Native Arts 2009, University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Festival of Native Arts unites the major Native culture groups of Alaska, as well as foreign groups of the continental United States and countries such as Japan, Russia and Canada. These groups share their rich heritage of their respective cultures, which not only solidifies the Alaska Native identity, but also educates all people as to the nature of cultures different from ours.

Many Hoop Dancers are today dancing their performances to band music. The music that Ben Boyd is dancing to is original music by him. He has used computer technology to play and edit all of the instrument tracks and add his own vocals. The song that he has composed is the story of his life and is entitled “Brother to all Men” . There is a music video of the song with the same title and can be seen on the Boyd Communications Channel that gives more information about the song and Ben Boyd.

All components of production by Ben Boyd of Boyd Communications at: www.benboydalaska.com
Boyd also owns Alaska Northern Lights Tours, an evening of viewing Aurora and Native Culture Show. Also, has affordable Fairbanks tour packages and a Fairbanks City Tour personally given by Ben Boyd, an Alaska Mountain Man who made his living from the land using a sled dog team.

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