Catalog of Hooping Tricks

This is Michelle McCoy’s catalog of hooping tricks. It includes just about everything she learned during her first five months of hooping. When she first started hooping she would often see tricks in other videos that she wanted to learn but didn’t know the name of, so it was more difficult to find the corresponding tutorials. She hope is that this helps someone become more familiar with the hoop dance trick names and variations.

Catalog of Hooping Tricks goes from Lasso tricks to Coin Tosses

While this video doesn’t give you any how to information about these types of moves, it does give you names to hooping tricks that you can learn. A lot of people don’t know what to call the tricks they see and don’t know what to look for in online videos. ¬†This catalog lists beginner hula hooping tricks and some intermediate hula hooping tricks.

Check out the Intermediate to Advanced version of this catalog here.

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