Hoop Trick -Kick Up from Floor to Knees

Deanne Love is one of my favorite hula hoop instructors.  She breaks everything down in the hoop tricks that she teaches through her videos.   And in this video she’s going to teach you how to kick up the hula hoop from the floor to your knees. Watch the video above for the technique to this hoop trick.  You can read the hoop trick instructions directly down below.

Frustrating Hoop Trick

Deanne makes a point of explaining in the video that you shouldn’t get too frustrated .  She says it’s totally fine if you don’t get this the first hundred million times because it can hurt.  This hoop trick can cause pain.  If you have have been practicing knee hooping and you’re getting bruises it is a sign that you need to stop for a while. Deanne says “It does get better I don’t get bruises anymore but it did take a while.”  Because you’ll need to take breaks it will feel like you have slow progress because you want to space your training out to let your bruises heal. Deanne Love gives you some tips on some other things that you can do to help speed up your training while you’re not actually doing the these hoop tricks because you have bruises.  She also presents some other ideas to work on that strength that balance that timing and precision that it takes.

Steps to the Kick Up From Floor Hoop Trick

Deanne starts with the hoop on her right side. This is just one variation.  There are many ways to bring the hoop from the floor up to your knees but this is just one. Deanne calls it the tick-tock because she tick-tocks it in front and behind to get some momentum.  Because she spins to the left it’s on her right side.  If you want to spin to the right on your knees then you’ll have it on your left side in the beginning.

Starting Position

When the hoop is on your right side your left leg will be grounded.  This is where your balance is going to come from. Deanne says it is easier to find balance if you don’t have shoes on but
you might want to put some thick socks or boots over to protect your ankles.

Play with your Balance

When the hoop is on your right side your left leg will be grounded.  This is where your balance is going to come from. Deanne says it is easier to find balance if you don’t have shoes on.  She also mentions that you might want to put some thick socks or boots over to protect your ankles.

You will want to play with your balance by spreading your toes as much as you can  and planting your feet in to the ground.  You want your feet grounded.  Then see if you can kind of work through the pain and the intensity of moving the hoop on your ankles.  You’ll slowly  get better and you’ll be able to do it without shoes.

The planted leg is the trunk leg.  This is where you want to ground energy into the floor.  Pull up through the ankle the knees.  It’s kind of like you want to soften in the knees.  You also want
to have some tension so that you’re not going to be wobbling through your joints.  It’s really important because when you have that tension in the knee you can pull up through the thigh and
the inner thigh and then into the hip and then the belly and then open up your posture is key for knee hooping.

Don’t Look Down

Once you have that trunk leg grounded then it is good to pick a point that you’re going to look at so that you don’t look down.  When you look down everything else goes down.  Deanne noticed that when she is looking ahead at a point in front of her at eye level then her posture just naturally tends to stand up right.  You will want to look down to check out what’s going on but that’s when your neck will roll forward to your shoulders and hunch your belly and your butt will go out and your knee will bend.  You don’t that to happen.

This is step number one ground posture is to focus ahead and put your hands on your hips.  You can feel if there’s kind of any swaying or movement in your hips without looking . Keep your  tailbone as tucked under as naturally as possible. One way to counterbalance the but going back which is what you don’t want to happen because then that buckles through the knee and
that means that you won’t be near
hooping is to kind of gently press the
hips forwards even a little bit more but
you’re going to be playing around with
what works best for your structure in
your body as long as you’re feeling nice
and upright and you’re not caving down
or bending at the knees but you will
time and time again so give yourself
lots of self compassion and patience
alright so ground down posture up Giusti
forward hands on the hips
we’re not even there yet all of the
groundwork in place ready to start with
the momentum of the hoop let’s talk
about the hoop I started with a very
weighty hoop not one of those massive
huge Fitness chunky mama ones that I
think should not ever be sold or danced
with I started with a hunt one hundred
centimeter diameter maybe 25 mil and it
was quite chunky and it was quite
painful now you’ll notice I’m 90
centimeter polypro so you’re going to
work with whatever feels good for you
alright grounded Giusti hands on the
hips high open self-belief on I am ready
to get this started so what I’m going to
do is that he was on my right side I’m
going to keep my ankles fairly close
together imagine that you have kind of a
magnet that’s keeping them close
together it’s not a magnet that’s like
locking them together for now and I’m
going to drag my foot in front and then
I’m going to drag it behind not just do
this test a little bit because if you
notice that you’re wobbling and your
balance is off even just by taking your
right foot or your left foot whatever
you’re doing in front and behind
then you’re not grounded and your
postures not switched on just yet
and so it might pay to do some balance
yoga or some balance work and that can
be as simple as when you’re washing the
dishes you’re just going to do tree pose
so you’re going to get really strong on
this side and definitely do on both
sides so that you’re not just like this
hulking massive amazing postural
structure on one side and this sides
like all limp
it’s a hoop is down fall
humans down hook so as I said it might
be as simple as like lifting one leg and
just finding your balance in daily
practices so you don’t if you don’t have
time for an hour of yoga every day don’t
worry there’s no excuses you can also do
balance work just to build up your
strength in anything that you’re doing
maybe you’re not driving your car be
safe so remember that this move will
teach you patience if nothing else
patience patience patience which means
that when you start to tick tock your
hoop forwards and backwards and you’re
finding that you’re kind of over
balancing and I want you to connect with
the part of your body that feels like it
is getting too wobbly is that your foot
is your foot rolling your ankle is that
your knee that doesn’t quite have this
strength is that your hip that’s pushing
out is that your belly that soft is it
your focus that is just like not on so
it’s going to teach you all of those
things so really start to be hyper aware
of what your body is doing daily
practice daily patience lots of
self-love forwards and backwards with
that hoop okay so once you start to feel
like you have some balance and some
control there and you can swing the hoop
forwards and backwards I’m going to show
you from this other side so hands on the
hips and I keep my right foot fairly
close to my left and I’m just bringing
the hoop forwards and backwards forwards
and backwards the next time I go to
swing my hoop forwards I’m going to step
onto my right and pick up my left and
just notice how many times the hoop
rotates around my right ankle or you
could be doing it on the opposite side
so again that is swinging forwards swing
backwards swing forwards swing backwards
swing forward step now the balance is on
the opposite side and you might find
that you’re going to be wobbling on this
side that’s why it’s really important do
those three poses on both sides do all
of your lunges on both sides make sure
that you’re balancing
correcting out both sides all right so
now what you want is to have momentum
and have the hoop speeding give it
enough force that it’s going to spin
around your right leg for me or maybe
your left leg enough times so that you
can then kick it up we get in there all
so try that a few times ground in the
outside leg draw up through the posture
big breath
Giusti forward hands on the hips
shoulders open forwards backwards
well it’s backwards step now you don’t
want to step or kick out too far because
then you’re going to be really putting
yourself off balance so all that really
happens is first leg down forwards
backwards forwards backwards forwards
step and pick that first leg up while
switching on all of your posture okay
the next thing that we do is the leg
that is up like a flamingo is going to
come straight down so for a moment for
one spin your feet are together and then
you’re going to kick up and then your
hoop will hook onto the top of your knee
and then you’re going to take your foot
straight back down now here’s where it
gets exciting so forwards backwards
forwards backwards forwards step down so
that’s one except you want to see if you
can get your ankles together your knees
have magnets and they come together and
get both feet side by side inside your
hoop so see how you go with that cool
have a little practice if you need to
stop me right now then no rush it’s
totally worth it alright so we go
forwards backwards forwards backwards
jump beat together
now when you put your feet together
there is a tendency for everything to
crumble because it’s so exciting just
doing that kind of switch and you can
kind of get off balance but lock those
feet together draw the knees together
squeeze the inner thighs
zip everything up and you’re good to go
for the next step which is the kick up
now here are some things that you might
do you might kick out you might kick to
the side you might crumble and do some
kind of cool dance move but all that you
want to do and it’s so simple but it can
get really confusing and that’s cool
that’s all good it’s okay if you need to
try this many many times but what you’re
going to do is once those feet are
together you take the kicking leg or the
kick up leg and you kick up so you want
to bring your knee towards your face and
you want to bring your heel towards the
inner of your other leg your knee so
it’s like a hook so together up down you
can practice this without your hoop so
together up down up down up down
not out not to the side not to the back
no cool dance moves not for this one
straight up down up down and if you
don’t quite have that range of motion in
your hip right now that’s okay you want
to give yourself some days weeks months
whatever it is to practice to be able to
bring a kick up leg to the inside of the
knee and it’s going to drop it off
straight down and then you’re going to
be me hooping how amazing is that all
right so let’s have a little practice if
you’re not too sore if you are then just
watch this one out and just promise
yourself that maybe in a week you’ll
pick it up and do it again all right so
we go I’ll go from this side grounded
Drishti hands on the hips forwards
backwards forwards backwards jump step
up together okay it’s pretty far there’s
a lot of things that go on there now
some things that might happen and the
way that you’re going to counteract them
so the things that might happen is you
build up with practice and it could take
days weeks months whatever works for you
and your body there is no rush this is
not a race but when you go to put your
foot in and you kick up you might have
this tendency of crumbling down and that
is the opposite so if anything that you
do when you do that kick up and you’re
all excited and there’s so many things
happening at once what I want you to do
is tighten up your posture even more and
immediately as soon as that foot hits
the floor you’re going to bounce and
pulse into your knee whooping and it is
fast but you will get there you totally
will you totally will if I can do it you
can do it I did pick the hoop up from
the floor close to a million times
though so it’s okay all right how are
you going so you want to have a little
try with me and if you’re on the
opposite side you can go for that all
right ah let’s do this outside leg is
grounded toes spread foot planted ankle
engaged leg zipped up knee sort yet
activated thighs on
pelvis under belly strong chest open so
that you can breathe beautifully drifty
right in front hands on the hips
ready tick-tock forwards backwards stay
here if this is the first step that you
need to work on if you’re still wobbling
then there’s no need to rush forward
next time you swing the hip forward down
up q it’s hard watching you and doing it
I’m used to kind of practicing on my own
okay how did you go let’s try it one
more time oh we got this okay
forwards backwards forwards backwards
down up oh it was a little wobbly
okay so there’s another thing that might
happen to you when you do kick the hoop
up like sometimes you can kind of do a
little flick at the end or you can get a
little bit like freaked out into a bit
of a wobble and that might push your
hoop kind of off-balance but if you
instantly have your knee hooping posture
on and you push into it then you can
generally catch it there okay
now that is my most gentle breakdown for
you I would love to tell you that you
will get this straight away but it is
definitely one of the hooping moves that
you need to work on gently again please
learn hoop on bruises it’s not worth it
you definitely don’t want to injure
yourself make sure that you protect
yourself as much as you can with socks
or boots or whatever works for you if
you do need to use a lighter hoop maybe
make that hoop diameter a little larger
if you can it’s going to make it a bit
easier for you and just give yourself
lots of compassion lots of patience
remember what the process is teaching
you and the process whether or not you
nail the trick it is actually flow so
you can find yourself kind of diving in
to this deep space of concentration even
when you’re drilling a really
challenging trick like this kick up so
let me know how you go in the comments
below please take good care of yourself
and I know you can do it don’t give up
just know that some tricks take a little
bit longer than others and it is worth
it and it’s a pretty cool move when you
see someone kick it up from the floor or
you feel it start to fall into place in
your system you’ll be celebrating I’ll
be celebrating with you big hoop love
from me to you mwah

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