Hula Hoop Chest Roll Tutorial

Learn how to perform the hula hoop chest rolls.  Hula hoop chest rolls also known as body rolls.  Body rolls can roll the hoop across any part of the body while chest rolls are specifically across the chest.

If you learn how to do the “Walk the Dog” on the ground, this will help you with your hoop chest rolls.  You want to make the same walk the dog movement.  Practice trying to whip the hoop across your hand.  Let the hoop slide in your hand to understand how it works.  This will cause the hoop to stall and then move. It’s 2 variations of moving the hoop.

What really makes a chest roll vibrant is opening up your body. You should practice by opening up your arms so that the hoop rolls completely across your chest.  You want to open the plane of your chest

Hula Hoop Chest Roll Basics

  1. You are opening up.
  2. Leaning back
  3. Not looking at the hoop.
  4. Do the Walk the Dog movement.
  5. Let the hula hoop roll across your chest and across extended arm.

Remember that you are not tossing the hoop across your chest.  You’re letting the hoop move across your chest and arms. This creates a nice smooth movement.

. Audrey shows you some amazing alternatives like moving from below and up your arms.  She describes how to do a chest roll from a backwards weave and flipping the hoop over your hand.  It’s an illusion like many hoop tricks.  Grabbing the hoop at the end of a roll depends on what is comfortable for you.  Another movement requires a toss.  You’ll need to practice tossing the hoop then grabbing the hoop and feeling the hoop roll as you catch the hoop.

Now watch Audrey Scherer show you how to do a hula hoop chest roll

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