Who knew that an old childhood pastime could actually help adults lose weight. And I’m talking massive weight here. 31-year-old Jen Moore simply hula-hooped her way from a huge 288lbs to a trim 145lbs. Now she’s a fitness trainer with the very same company that helped her shed it all. Sure does sound like a dream come true.

Jen couldn’t hula hoop when she first got started. Not surprising really, looking at her before pictures. But what’s admirable is that she stuck to it, and within two weeks she was able to keep the hoop spinning around her waist. There’s been no looking back since then. Within just three months of learning the skill, she ended up losing 40lbs of body fat. Take a look at Jen’s ‘after’ pictures and you would never believe she was once obese. “I would go to my local YMCA and stake out a little corner on the court while the guys played basketball and snickered,” she says. “From day one, I felt a tremendous difference in my core strength, confidence and energy just from the workout involved in dropping, bending over and picking up the hoop.”

Jen and her husband were both obese owing to lazy eating habits. It was in 2008, when the safety bar of an amusement ride wouldn’t fit around her waist and she was asked to leave, that she knew something had to be done about her weight problem. Jen and her husband soon made a commitment to work on their weight for the sake of their baby girl. They wanted to set a good example for the child and they sure did do a great job of it. The couple made significant changes to their diet, focusing on healthy eating rather than crash dieting. Neither of them is obese now and Jen’s success story is being quoted on several weight loss and fitness magazines.

Reading about Jen definitely got me interested finding out more about this hula hooping workout. I watched a few videos from the fitness company Hoopnotica, and it certainly is something different. Worth a try, I suppose.

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