Mckenzey Simper from Salt Lake City, Utah USA. She has been juggling hoops for about 2 years. This video features some of her recent work with 1, 2, and 3 hoops. When she is not juggling, she helps run Salt City Props, a juggling shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Video filmed edited by Wyatt Davis.
Mckenzey’s Youtube channel:
Hoops- Made by Salt City Props. 5/8” PolyPro tubing, 28” diameter.
Song: Phantogram- When I’m small

Mckenzey Simper de Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Ella ha malabareado Hoops por un aproximado de dos años. Este video presenta algo de su trabajo reciente con 1, 2 y 3 hulas. Cuando Mckenzey no esta malabareando, ayuda a dirigir Salt City Props una tienda de malabar en Salt Lake City, Utah.

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